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Program Highlight: Plenary Session 4 – Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering II

Amit Patel Head Shot Chair: Amit Patel, MD, MS, University of Utah, United States









Update in Cardiac Biological Therapies
Amit Patel,
MD, MS, University of Utah, United States

  • Understand the issues with first generation biologics
  • Identify positive studies for cardiovascular biologics
  • Identify patients for clinical trials

Injectable extracellular matrix hydrogels for regenerative medicine
Karen Christman, PhD, FAHA, University of California San Diego, United States

  • Learn about the state of the art in injectable biomaterials for treating myocardial infarction and peripheral artery disease
  • Learn about injectable decellularized extracellular matrix materials
  • Learn about cell delivery using injectable biomaterials

Preclinical Testing of Cell Therapy for Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction
Tracy Criswell
, PhD, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, United States

  • Preclinical small animal models of skeletal muscle dysfunction, useful for testing cell therapy will be discussed, with a concentration on a model of acute muscle injury used predominantly by our group.
  • The types of cells used for therapy will be discussed, including allogeneic muscle progenitor cells and a xenogeneic model using human muscle progenitor cells.
  • Biological and pharmacological factors that can be used in conjunction with cell therapy will be discussed with a primary concentration on growth factors that can be used to modify the local microenvironment of the damaged tissue in order to increase transplanted cell survival and integration.

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